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At Colorado BizTech, we know how important staying connected is to your business. Don't let failing or outdated technology get in the way of your production. With proper planning and investment, we can take your business to the next level of profitability.


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The CBT Difference!

Traditionally in the Small-Medium Business market, the owner or manager of a business spends countless hours collecting bids from IT providers who all claim their system or service is superior to the competition. Ultimately they get lost, confused and frustrated to a point where the final decision is akin to throwing a dart at a board and hoping the selection works as advertised.

Why go it alone when you can get expert help? 


At CBT, we represent you! We are not a hardware reseller or service/application provider. We don't contract with companies who offer commissions to send business their way. We don't markup hardware that anyone can find cheaper by simply going to the Internet and doing a Google or Amazon search.


We work directly for you so you can free up your time and concentrate on your business at hand. We will collect and digest provider bids so you know what the pitfalls are and where to invest versus where to save. We will create a budget for your project and then buy the hardware and services you need on your behalf; just like an employee would. You can trust that the recommendations given are in your best interest, not in the interest of our bottom line.


Hire your personal CBT Chief Technology Officer today to manage your project and ongoing needs so you can make the best decision possible for the growth and future of your business!

What's News in Business Technology Today?

What does the end of mainstream Windows 7 support mean for IT?

Microsoft formally ended mainstream support for Windows 7, and while this might be a consumer concern, IT users don't have much to fret about.

First off, extended support ends on January 4, 2020. That's when all patching will cease, just as patches for XP ended last April. That's really the only date of concern, and by that point Microsoft should be one or two operating system generations beyond Windows 10.

Is the Cloud safe for sensitive business data?

The vast scale of online surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden is changing how businesses store commercially sensitive data, with potentially dramatic consequences for the future of the internet, according to a new study.


A survey of 1,000 business leaders from around the world has found that many are questioning their reliance on "cloud computing" in favour of more secure forms of data storage as the whistleblower's revelations continue to reverberate.

Cyber Security Tips for Small Business Owners

Small businesses are becoming a larger target for criminals seeking to access sensitive data because attackers are well aware that small businesses have limited resources or personnel dedicated to information system security. In an effort to combat cyber-attacks, the Department of Homeland Security established October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month to educate the public about cyber security and to prepare the nation in the event of a cyber-incident.


Here are 9 cyber security tips for small business owners:

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Cloud versus Onsite Server?

With Cloud being the latest trend, many business owners and managers are debating the need for a server onsite.  Some don't like having their "eggs in someone else's basket".  Others trust that their service provider is solid and trustworthy.  There are many factors to this decision and equally as many land mines.  As Cloud technology becomes more reliable and accepted, we can help you navigate this new frontier.

What's the best Backup Solution?

Like any good Boy Scout, every business owner and manager should "be prepared".  Nothing is more stunning than coming to work one morning to find all systems down with no reliable backup in place. We recommend a two pronged approach.  First, subscribe to a Online Backup service like Carbonite or CrashPlan.  Second, install a water & fire proof backup drive onsite for a Full Local Backup. That way if the either solution fails, you have a backup for your backup.

Are dual screens worth the investment?

Yes! Many studies have been done on the effect of worker productivity when two monitors are introduced to workstations. One, the "Utah Study", found that workers showed a 44-percent boost in productivity for text tasks and a 29-percent rise for spreadsheet tasks when moving from a single screen to a dual-monitor setup.  Do the math and you'll see it's well worth the cost of a video card and second monitor.

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