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To provides CTO Outsourcing and Business Technology Consulting Services from the perspective of being the client's "employee". We will not make expert recommendations in order to receive commissions from "preferred providers" or sell products at a premium that our clients can find themselves on the Internet. We will always act with the highlest level of integrity and in our client's best interests to help grow their business.

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Charles Pabst, or "Chuck" as everyone calls him, recieved his Bachelor's in Business Administration & Finance from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and Master's in Information System Development from the London School of Economics in London, England. He spent time in corporate life working with Market Data Systems for banks and trading firms in the San Francisco and Denver areas before returning home to Western Colorado.


Chuck has owned multiple businesses and thus knows both the joys and plights of business ownership. Among these enterprises, he founded an IT services company in 2004 that is still in business today. But along the way he realized that the changing world of IT services necessitated a new direction. Too often IT companies lose site of their client's best interests when they become agents for other service providers. By hitching their wagon to contracts for commissions with third party companies, consultants start making recommendations that may not always be in the best interest of the client. Thus Colorado BizTech was born.


At CBT, we represent you! We are not a hardware reseller or service/application provider. We don't contract with companies who offer commissions to send business their way. We don't markup hardware that anyone can find cheaper by simply going to the Internet and doing a Google or Amazon search.


We work directly for you so you can free up your time and concentrate on your business at hand. We will collect and digest provider bids so you know what the pitfalls are and where to invest versus where to save. We will create a budget for your project and then buy the hardware and services you need on your behalf; just like an employee would. You can trust that the recommendations given are in your best interest, not in the interest of our bottom line.


Hire your personal CBT Chief Technology Officer today to manage your project and ongoing needs so you can make the best decisions possible for the growth and future of your business!

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